CM Yogi’s talk to Yogguru Ramdev, that Patanjali Food Park will not go out of UP

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It is being told that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has spoken to Baba Ramdev twice. After which the matter got settled.

After the announcement of Acharya Balakrishna that the proposed Patanjali Food Park was taken out of Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida, the UP government appeared in the movement. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath intervened himself in this matter and stopped the matter from growing.

The Chief Minister said that the proposal for Food Park has almost been completed. There are some minor bottlenecks, which will be dealt with soon. It is being said that after talking to CM, Baba Ramdev was also satisfied and talked of not taking Food Park out of UP.

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Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, instructing Ramdev to stop the matter from proceeding, instructed the officials to present the proposal related to it in the next meeting of the Cabinet.

The government had given Patanjali Ayurveda company to establish 465 acres of food and herbal park on Yamuna Expressway. On behalf of Patanjali, the Yamuna Expressway Authority has requested the transfer of 50 acres of land from this land to the Food Park as per the plan of the Center. Since the allocation of land to the company was made from the cabinet, therefore, separate transfer of any part can also be done by the cabinet.

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Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Balkrishna stirred up saying that due to the apathy of the state government, the mega project has been canceled by the central government. It also said that Patanjali decided to take the project apart.

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Sources said that CM took Balakrishna’s allegations very seriously and immediately talked to Baba Ramdev. In the next cabinet meeting, he informed about the permission for land transfer related action.

On the issue, Anup Chandra Pandey, Commissioner of Industrial Development and Industrial Development, says, “Allocation of Patanjali’s Mega Food Park has not been canceled. The state government will decide on the issue of land transfer in the next meeting of the Cabinet. The problem has been solved in the case.

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