What to eat to gain weight – by Baba Ramdev

what to eat to gain weight

In this article, Baba Ramdev tells What to eat to gain weight. Losing weight is a top priority for some people, but being naturally fat is also a big challenge to lose weight. If you want to increase your weight to maintain a healthy body. Eat these foods to weight gain.

Incomplete food, long-term eating intervals, consuming less food and doing more than that, are one of the reasons for weight loss. Other causes may be due to diseases such as chronic disease, tuberculosis, cancer, hormonal imbalances and anorexia nervosa.

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Equivalent and slow growth in weight are always advised. We should maintain our weight according to our age, gender, and height. If you also lose weight and cause laughter in front of others, instead of being disappointed, take some such foods that increase your weight. We know some high-calorie proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fat foods that will help you gain weight. Avoid as much weight as possible by increasing weight gain in the markets, and regularly consume the foods we eat.

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Weight gain Food and Fruits

1. Eat Potato to gain weight

Potato is a rich source of high carbohydrate and is helpful in increasing weight. Potato is also rich in high protein fiber and vitamin C. Potato peel is full of nutrients. Once you remove its peel, you end up a large part of vitamins and proteins. Adding it to your diet increases the weight.

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2. Almonds

Almonds are the essential food for the development of nerves, but it can be used as a good option for weight gain. If you eat almonds a handful every day, then you will help in the stability of body functions and nerves. You can also take Patanjali Badam Pak. Badam Pak is an ayurvedic food supplement prepared with almonds (main ingredient) and other spices and herbs.

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3. Milk cream

Milk cream contains more fatty acids than needed. And there is more calorie intake than most food products. Eating milk cream with pasta and salad will increase the weight faster.

4. Walnut

Walnut contains essential monounsaturated fat which provides healthy calories in high doses. Daily 20 grams of walnuts will gain weight fast

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5. Butter and Ghee

Butter is high in calories. If you have been bored of drinking milk every day, then roast whole wheat bread on butter with a butter on a low flame. This will be a good breakfast for you with all the nutrients. If you do not like butter, you can use ghee instead. Ghee is a form of butter. A small quantity of this can be used to make food. To promote a healthy breakfast and high calorie, it can be added to enhance tastes in tasty foods.

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6. Eat Bananas

Maybe you do not know, but bananas contain plenty of calories. It helps in giving you energy. You must also eat a banana every morning and then drink fatty milk. Apart from this, you can also drink a sweet banana shake.

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