Utkatasana Yoga Method, Benefits & Caution


In Sanskrit, the word ‘Utt’ is meant to be raised and ‘cut’ means the hip. In this seat, the body posture is like a chair, so it is also called chair seat or Chair Pose. During this yoga, the heels and hips are raised, hence it is called utkatasana. Well, it’s easy to hear and see, but its practice is not as simple. This is very beneficial for the stomach that prevents you from the problem of indigestion, constipation or acidity. By doing this asana, energy increase in the body, the muscles of the feet strengthen, stomach fat and obesity decreases, the problem of constipation and gas, etc. removed.

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Sitting in Utkatasana, easy to hear and comfortable, but sitting on an imaginative chair can be a little challenging and exactly what we do in Utkatasana. So this posture is very useful for people of all ages, but for the elderly, it is a special benefit.

How to do Utkatasana

  • Stand upright while keeping a distance between the two legs.
  • Spreading hands toward the front, the palm turned towards the ground, the elbows were straight. Gently move the pelvis down as you turn the knees like you are sitting on a fictional chair.
  • Stay in the same situation. Imagine feeling good in Utkatasana, imagine you are sitting while reading a newspaper or typing on a laptop.
  • Keep in mind that your hands are parallel to the ground.
  • Sit upright while pulling the spinal cord Carefully and rest.
  • Keep breathing and enjoy national and international news, flipping through newspaper pages.
  • Slowly sitting in the chair position and sitting down but keep in mind that your knees do not move ahead with your fingers.
  • Slowly go down and then sit in Sukhasana. If you want to lie down on the back, you can relax.

Utkatasana benefits

1. Utkatasana plays a big role in strengthening the toes.

2. It keeps thighs healthy.

3. Provides power to knees.

4. This way makes your legs strong and helps in walking.

5. Helps in increasing the activity of the digestive system.

6. Practicing it in rheumatism is beneficial.

7. It is beneficial for the spinal cord.

8. The chest strengthens the muscles.

9. The bottom of the back provides healthy and toughness.

10. Help in balancing the body.

11. The practice of this asana keeps the body in motion.

12. This posture holds a different job for women.

13. Reduces constipation and prevents gas problem.

14. With the practice of this asana, you can avoid stones and hernia.

15. With its regular practice, the effect of semen begins to be done properly and men can stop it for a long time.

16. Those who have problems with Piles should often practice this posture.

Precautions for Utkatasana Yoga

1) This yoga should be done with empty stomach only. If you want to do after eating, then do after 3 hours of eating.

2) The patients with heart disease should not be restrained in this posture for longer periods of time.

3) If the foot has an injury or operation, then don’t do this yoga.

4) If your blood pressure is low then first do the kapalbhati and then do this posture.

5) Do not do this on the day of your pregnancy, during pregnancy or after dizziness.

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