Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand) steps and benefits

Sarvangasana Yoga steps and benefits

This asana gives exercise to all the organs of the body, hence it is called Sarvangasana (sarv-ang-asana). This posture in English is also called Shoulder Stand Pose.  Here in this article, we will describe Baba Ramdev Sarvangasana Yoga steps and benefits.  This is a bit harder to do asana because your body weight is on your shoulders. Therefore this asana should be done only in the direction of yoga teacher.

Sarvangasana Yoga benefits from the whole body i.e. to toe and to the brain. At the same time, it is known for many significant health benefits. It is called by the name of the mother of the Asanas in the world of Yoga, because this asana gives health or some kind of health to every part of the body. By looking at the mother, the smile does not hide in the same way, the whole body is full of joy and the seeker avoids various types of disorders.

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Baba Ramdev Sarvangasana Yoga steps and benefits

Steps to do Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand)

  • To practice this asana, first lay the on the mat.
  • It is a good idea to choose an air-conditioned place for practicing Sarvangasana.
  • When you lie down, keep your legs together and keep the entire body straight.
  • Now breathe in and breathe slowly and raise the feet above and above.
  • Raise the feet first in this posture, then lift the waist, then the upper part of your chest upwards.
  • While doing this action, keep the legs straight, not kneeling on your knees.
  • To support your waist, turn your two hands on the waist and support it by putting it on the waist.

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  • In this seat, the entire weight of the body lives on the shoulders. Therefore, in this condition, keep the shoulder portion from the elbow to the ground.
  • When you do this then your chin will be touched with your chest.
  • Now stretching the feet up, and stabilizing the body, few seconds remained in this condition.
  • In this stage, you have to breathe normally and leave.
  • When you have a good practice, you can extend the time of practice of asana to 3 minutes.
  • Now, to come in normal condition, leave the body loose, and bend the knees and come back to the normal state.
  • After that rest for 20 seconds.
  • Perform this asana 3 to 4 times.

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Benefits of Sarvangasana

Prevent Hair Loss: This posture is very beneficial for hair. By its regular practice, there is a proper supply of blood in the brain region, which is essential for nutrient movement. (Read More)

Take care of the skin: If you are worried about problems related to the beauty of the skin, then you should practice it regularly. It does not only enhance the beauty of skin but prevents wrinkles, pimples and aging process.(Read More)

Controlling Weight: It helps in controlling metabolism in the body and is helpful in controlling weight. (Read More)

For sexual problems: This posture reaches a lot of benefits in sexual problems and disorders. (Read More)

For thyroid: By the practice of this asana, glands such as thyroid and parathyroid can get proper nutrients and blood, which is helpful in solving thyroid problems.

In the treatment of varicose vein: it reduces the pressure of blood in the blood vessels of the legs, thus for those who suffer from varicose veins, this posture can prove very useful. (Read More)

Ophthalmology treatment: If you do this asana under the supervision of an expert, then your eyes do not only increase the eyesight but can also be avoided with eye-related problems.

Prevent stomach ulcers: It activates the stomach-related organs and helps in the release of proper enzymes, which can lead to people getting rid of colitis, ulcers, etc. (Read More)

Cervical cancer relieves: Asana regulates free movement of the bowel and completely eliminates constipation. (Read More)

Precautions while doing Sarvangasana Yoga

  • Those who have neck pain should not do this.
  • A person with high blood pressure (hypertension) may be harmful to the overall posture.
  • A person with a problem of heart disease can also be harmful to the overall posture.
  • A person with a problem of back pain should not even make a convex posture.

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  • This posture is harmful to the patient of Goiter Disease.
  • During the pregnancy, the overall posture is absolutely taboo, this time it should not be done.
  • Even during the monthly cycle, women should not do this.
  • Those who have a problem of dizziness, that person should not even do this posture.
  • The posture is always to empty stomach. This posture gets more benefit in doing it in the morning.
  • To take full advantage of all the posture, after taking the rest in the respiration, after doing this posture, it should be medicinal.

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