Wash away dust, dirt and disease with Patanjali Almond-Kesar Hand Wash. Soap can leave hands dehydrated but Patanjali’s Almond Kesar gives you a thorough yet gentle wash while maintaining moisture balance, just the way a conditioner would for the hands. Sweet almond oil has been traditionally used for its ability to penetrate deeply into the skin and gently dislodge impurities while healing the skin. Saffron is known for its purifying and anti-bacterial qualities and its ability to lighten and tone the skin. Disinfectants neem, tulsi and tea tree oil sanitize the skin by killing off germs the herbal way. The gentle aloe vera base imparts a soothing and nourishing feel to your hands. This herbal blend brings you nature’s remedies in a potent mix to help sanitize your hands and protect your health. Let Patanjali Hand Wash Almond Kesar give you the expert care you need for your hard-working hands all through the day.