Patanjali Yoga Sutras – well explained summary of patanjali Sutras

Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Stories are the best and most effective way of conveying knowledge messages. So we will start Patanjali Yoga Sutras with a story.

What is Patanjali Yoga Sutras?

Once upon a time, all the saints came to Lord Vishnu and said, “Lord, you gave Ayurveda by taking the form of Dhanvantri, but still people are miserable on earth. Those people are suffering from anger and desires of the mind, from them What is the way of salvation? ”

God was lying on the shadows of the Adarshya snake; The supernatural snake with the arms mouth is a symbol of awareness. He listened to the prayers of the Sage Munis, and sent the Adarshakha as a manifestation to the earth as Maharshi Patanjali.

Rishi Patanjali had come to give knowledge of yoga on this earth, which are now known as Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

Patanjali said that unless 1000 pupils are assembled together, they will not be presenting Yoga Sutras. In this way 1000 disciples gathered in the south of the Vindhya mountain. There was another condition of Maharishi, he said that there will be a curtain between him and his disciples, till the session of knowledge is not exhausted, no one will take the screen and will not go out of the room.

Maharishi Patanjali started giving 1,000 pupils a knowledge of one without uttering a single word behind the scenes. It was an amazing event, every single disciple was feeling the unprecedented energy and enthusiasm, he had to maintain discipline. Patanjali was editing knowledge without saying anything.

A small disciple had to leave the room for a small group, he thought he would go silently and would come back. Another disciple was curious about what the Maharishi are doing behind the scenes?

Does this pupil pick up the curtain?

What did you mean by this story?
The deeper meaning in this story is hidden, the mythology tells the story and leave it to us for its meaning, now you have to know that

  • How did Maharishi Patanjali edit knowledge without speaking anything?
  • What is the significance of the screen?

Where did these Yoga Sutras come from?

You have to understand that Patanjali did not compose Yoga. Adiogi first taught his seven disciples to yoga, which we call saptarishi. When the Saptarishi spread it, it developed further. Over time, there was so much expertise that people started searching for different types of expertise in yoga. This can be understood by an example. Just like today is medical science. It is becoming a very expertise. If you had a health problem twenty-five years ago today, then there was only one doctor for your whole body. Today there is a different doctor for your heart, a different doctor for the nose, you have a different doctor for every part of you. In the next fifty years, it may also happen that if you need a medical checkup then you will have to go to hundred doctors. This day is not too far.

Such a large scale happened with yoga. Yoga education was divided into seven different streams, and after that, hundreds of branches of these seven were also formed. It was at one time that more than three and a half thousand branches of yoga were in circulation. All this became so confused that no one knew or could practice all the branches. When Patanjali came, he absorbed all the knowledge inside him and reconciled him into about two hundred yoga sutras. So like I said that they are sutras and it is on every guru that what they add to it. It all depends on its accomplishment, at the depth of her experience. So did I take the formula from Patanjali Yoga Sutras? No. If you look into the system within you, then you know the formula because it is a science to experience.

None of these exercises are recommended

In whole Patanjali Yoga Sutras, you have not been advised to do any kind of practice anywhere. They are only sources, that is, one kind of thread. Thread is the most important part of any defeat. There will be no necklace without thread, but due to the thread you do not wear necklace. You wear it due to its flowers. That’s why Patanjali gave only the formula. These are nothing in themselves. When you add the right things in it, then only they become beautiful. People will wear it only when this necklace is made. That is why Patanjali left all this to future gurus that they add things to it according to their own. You can add pearls in it, you can also add flowers to it, you can add diamonds to it too. What do you add, it depends on your ability. Whatever you have, you will add the same.

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