Patanjali Treatment for Heart Blockage

Patanjali Treatment for Heart Blockage

Many patients suffering from heart disease due to bad lifestyle and heart blockage is one of the common problems nowadays. In this article, we will discuss Patanjali Treatment for heart blockage. Heart blockage is a problem related to the heartbeat. Many times this problem is found in children from born, while in some people it starts after the age grows.

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The newborn blockage is known as Congenital heart block, whereas the problem of heart blockage when grown is called acquired heart block. Acquired heart block is a common problem in comparison to today’s congenital heart block. Due to the heart muscle and its electrical system, there is a problem of Acquired Heart Block. Its treatment is bypass surgery, angioplasty or expensive medicines.

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In heart blockage, the human beating stops functioning smoothly. During this, the beating stops and stops. In some people, this problem starts with birth, whereas in some people the problem develops after age. The problem of Heart blockage is found in the people who is living modern life style and they have bad eating habits. Electrocardiogram (electrocardiogram) is tested to check the heart blockage.

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Symptoms of Heart Blockage

  • Talk about the symptoms of heart blockage, depending on which degree you have a blockage.
  • First degree heart blockage has no special characteristic. Heart rate in the second degree and third-degree heart blockage is stopped and not stopped at fixed time intervals.
  • Other symptoms of this type of heart blockage are dizziness or unconsciousness, the complication of headaches, tiredness on a little work, short breathing, chest pain etc.
  • Any of these symptoms may occur if you have any other illness. In the third-degree heart blockage, the patient needs immediate treatment because it can be fatal.

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Cause of Heart Blockage

The blockage or blockage in the heart is caused by Plaque. Plaque is a mixture of cholesterol, fat, fiber tissue and white blood cells, which gradually sticks on the walls of the nerves. Plaque deposits are different in terms of thickness and tendency to break. If this thickness is hard, such plaque is called stable and if it is soft then it is considered suitable to be broken, and it is called an unstable plaque.

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Stable Plaque:

Stabilized Plaque does not make any difference to the amount of obstruction, nor does it have serious heart attacks. Such a plaque grows slowly, in such a way the bloodstream gets an opportunity to find a way to new arteries, which is called collateral vessel. These vessels bypass blocked arteries and transmit essential blood and oxygen to the heart muscles.

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Unstable Plaque:

In a temporary plaque, on the break of Plaque, a dangerous clump becomes, and the collateral does not get full time to develop. The person’s muscles are severely damaged and they suddenly become victims of cardiac death..

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Patanjali Treatment for Heart Blockage

Here are some of the best Patanjali medicines which are very beneficial in heart disease:

Divya Hridyamrit Vati Extra Power is a trusted remedy for cardiovascular problems. It helps in controlling bad cholesterol in the blood and prevents plaque formation in the arteries. It cleanses the toxins from your system and strengthens the heart muscles. It reduces any swelling and controls the angina pain.

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Divya Hridyamrit Vati Extra Power is a very effective Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of all types of cardiovascular diseases, if taken regularly, then it protects against cardiovascular diseases in old age. It strengthens the heart and corrects the many types of heart diseases. It increases the circulation of blood in different organs by activating cells and increasing their capacity.

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This medicine is a famous Ayurvedic medicine for heart-related diseases and heart diseases. It is mainly used to treat heart-related diseases. This drug strengthens the muscles and removes the difficulties of heart-related diseases. Components present in this are also helpful in reducing hypertension and in addition to controlling the level of cholesterol, preventing heart attack and supplying blood in body parts.

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Patanjali Arjun Kwath

Arjun Kwath is made from Arjun Bark’s findings, it has many benefits and has been used in Ayurvedic demolition since ancient times. It is a very effective treatment for all cardiovascular diseases, it strengthens the limbs, strengthens the heart muscles, prevents accumulation of plaque, prevents high blood pressure, controls heart rate, etc.

Arjun Kawath is considered to be very effective even after heart surgery, it is a completely natural product and has no side effects. Get a healthy heart with Arjun Kwath. Feel the healing touch of Nature’s goodness in Ayurvedic medicine.

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Divya Arjun Kwath is such a drug, which is useful for preventing cardiovascular diseases. In this medicine, Arjun-bark is found in the form of the main ingredient, which has been used in Ayurveda since ancient times for diseases of the heart. Apart from this, Arjuna-bark strengthens the muscles of the heart and helps in its normal functioning. Apart from this, Divya Arjun Kwath medicine cleans the blood, it is also beneficial in keeping high cholesterol and hypertension balanced. These medicines come in the form of powder, whose decoction is consumed and consumed.

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Patanjali Triphala Guggul

Beneficial in Hemorrhoids, fistula, Vata related pains, paralysis, sciatica, Vata in bone marrow joints. A special process of Ayurveda Guggul, medicines manufactured through Guggul Kalpa, have important significance in Ayurvedic medicine, it is used for all types of Vata related diseases. It increases fire activity, regulates menstrual disorders, stimulates uterus, increases white blood cells in the blood, diuretic, mucous secretary, worm-killer etc.

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All Guggul can be taken 1-1 or 2-2 doses with hot water in the morning or evening or as per the doctor’s suggestion.Guggul is the safest drug and free from side effects. Nevertheless, it should be taken under appropriate medical consultation. We should consult a qualified, skilled and trained medical consultant.

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Patanjali Lauki Amla Juice

Patanjali Lauki Amla Juice is made from fresh and quality tested natural extracts of Lauki and Amla. Lauki-Amala juice is a repository of minerals, some of which contain calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc. Today people do not take any care of their food at all. Because of this, almost 70 percent of people are at risk of cardiovascular disease.

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In some people, it is genetic and is due to the lifestyle and inappropriate diet of some people. To keep your heart healthy, you can drink gourd juice like other fruits and vegetables. In this, the amount of cholesterol is zero and the cinnamon filled with vitamin C and anti-oxidant is a good vegetable for your heart. According to a research, cholesterol decreases by drinking 200 mg of fresh gourd juice of empty stomach in the morning for 90 days.

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Patanjali Amla Juice

Mixing honey in the amla juice regularly gives relief from diseases like asthma and inflammation of the airway. Amla also clean the blood, you can also eat amla or it can also eat powder. Benefits of Amla juice, if you have a gas problem then use ghee instead of honey.

Amla’s juice drinks in cholesterol control. If you are a high cholesterol patient then only 1 glass of amla juice can prove to be a boon for you. Drinking it daily reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the body and good cholesterol starts growing in the body.

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