Patanjali Shatavari Churna Benefits, Uses, and Price

Patanjali Shatavari Churna Benefits

Patanjali Shatavari Churna is useful in General debility, weakness, and loss of immunity. It is the best tonic for women for menstrual problems, infertility, lactation, uterus problems, leucorrhoea, vaginal disorders etc. Here you will find the Patanjali Shatavari Churna Benefits, Uses, and Price.

It is also helpful in increasing Breast milk supply. This product is highly nutritious and is of high quality. After the process of pregnancy, a woman needs more strength to be able to withstand the post effects of breastfeeding. Patanjali Shatavari Churna helps in enhancing the breast milk, skin color, any other gynecological issues. Useful in general debility, weakness & loss of immunity. Different herbs and other materials of Ayurvedic importance are refined to form this Churna.

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What is Shatavar?

Asparagus is a natural and wondrous medicine of Ayurveda, which provides us the power to fight with many kinds of physical problems and diseases. It helps women to get rid of problems ranging from menstrual to stomach failure. At the same time, also overcome men seminal difficulties. Asparagus is a medicinal plant whose roots are given Amrit status in Ayurveda. Shatavari is mainly used for the treatment of women’s healthy life, but it is also extremely beneficial for men. Asparagus is bitter in taste but is full of nutrients. It is a magical medicine that makes the body heal quickly and easily. Satavar, Satmuli, Shatamuli, Sarnai are also few names of Shatavari.

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Patanjali Shatavari Churna Benefits:

1. Shatavari for Sexual Vitality

Asparagus medicines make sex life experience better. It promotes the desire of sex and takes sex power to the highest level.

2. Shatavari for Fertility and Other Sexual Disorders

Asparagus is a powerful remedy for sexual disorders. It is a powerful sexual and rejuvenation tonic for women’s reproductive organs. It helps in the treatment of almost all disorders of reproductive organs. This stimulates estrogen production and also regulates menstrual cycles. In men, it increases the number of sperms and improves the quality and mobility of sperm. Due to its effect on sexual health problems.

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3. Shatavari for Pregnancy

Asparagus is considered to be a superior tonic for pregnant women. It nourishes the pregnancy and prepares the pregnant woman’s organs to conceive and also protects from abortion. It regulates the production of breast milk and enhances its quality.

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4. Shatavari for Weight Loss

Asparagus helps women reduce weight during the menstrual cycle. (Read More)

5. Shatavari for a Migraine

Asparagus is also helpful in reducing the unbearable headache caused by a migraine.

6. Shatavari Benefits for Skin

Asparagus provides the brightening skin as well as gives freedom to wrinkles.Asparagus seeds and leaves have many skin related problems like mumps. Wounds, boils, pimples etc. are considered to be very useful. Galsua, which is a viral infection, can be removed by putting a paste of asparagus seeds. (Read More)

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7. Shatavari for Sleep

Asparagus keeps stress away and relieves insomnia.

8. Shatavari Benefits for Fever

Asparagus is naturally cold; because of this it positively influences fever.Asparagus has infection-fighting properties and its cooling properties help to reduce fever. People also use it to reduce cholera and typhoid fever. You can reduce the fever by taking one teaspoon powder of asparagus with a glass of hot water. (Read More)

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9. Keep heart healthy

Asparagus improves heart health and helps in reducing bad cholesterol, which increases heart function and stamina. To reduce the high blood pressure, Ayurvedic doctors often recommend taking the tuber juice with honey.

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10. Improve stomach health

The use of asparagus helps to keep many problems related to the stomach, such as indigestion, diarrhea, vomiting, ulcer, acidity, colitis, infection and so on.

If there is a problem of indigestion and indigestion, you can drink honey in the root of asparagus.

If you have acidity, you can get relief by absorbing the ash of the asparagus with an equal amount of water.

When the voice comes from the stomach, you will eat asparagus seeds powder and honey half a teaspoon and eat it twice a day.

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If you are suffering from mucus(बलगम) and you feel like repeating it again, then mix 25 grams of Asparagus seeds with 100 grams of honey. Take one spoon of this mixture three times a day.

If you have diarrhea or loose motion, then boil a small piece of asparagus lid with milk. Take 5ml of this milk daily.

On jaundice, take 50 ml of pulse juice with 5 grams of honey twice a day.

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11. Benefits for girls and women

In Ayurveda this herb is used to improve the fertility of girls and women, to eliminate sterility and to improve their reproductive capacity and health. This herb helps in keeping the hormones in ladies in balance. The balance of hormones helps you avoid many kinds of problems.

Consuming asparagus powder or its capsules daily for a few weeks helps in raising small breasts. Asparagus also helps in removing PMS and menopause symptoms. This herb increases fertility, it also helps in removing ovulation and menstrual periods.

It is very useful in eliminating the period of delay, the absence of period, excessive bleeding in the menstrual cycle, obstruction of menstruation etc. It also helps in removing inflammation occurring in the period.

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Mothers who have a small child and those mothers are not getting sufficient quantity of milk, they can increase the amount of milk by consuming asparagus with ghee. The problem of abortion and premature birth can also be stopped by consuming asparagus.

Uses of Patanjali Shatavari Churna

  • Eating a cup of asparagus leaves you getting rid of Beriberi.
  • Regular consumption of asparagus can keep you away from depression, mental stress and anxiety.
  • Dysuria can be due to the increase of body heat which you can take away by consuming asparagus.
  • The hydrocele i.e. advised to take one spoon juice of asparagus twice a day for 4 days after drinking water in the testicle.
  • Lack of memory in Amenia can also be removed from the intake of this herb.
  • Applying paste of asparagus leaves on the skin is beneficial after chicken pocks.
  • The bleeding with stool can be cured by drinking the decoction of the roots of this herb.
  • Regular consumption of asparagus is also beneficial in removing physical weakness.
  • Asparagus is used in the form of eye-like diseases such as weakening of eyes, dullness, and infections in the eyes.
  • If there is a pain in the head then after massage your head with curry oil, apply the paste of asparagus root on your forehead. If you do this, the old headache will also be cured.
  • Before using this herb in diabetes, consult your doctor.

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Disadvantages of Shatavari

You can use asparagus powder, capsule or syrup as asparagus. If you are taking it as a powder, then in the beginning, with about half a teaspoon of milk you can take two or three times in a day. But the old saying is that some precautions should be taken in the use of any kind, even if it is not natural. Consumption of asparagus should be done carefully and in the right quantity. Pregnant, heart, kidney and high BP patients should do take this by asking the doctor. Many people may be allergic to it too. It is diuretic, so it should not be taken with diuretic drugs.

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Many people ask, what is the correct dose of asparagus, then let us tell you that in the cases of menopause, milk production, fertility, Ayurvedic doctors recommend taking different doses. According to doctors, you can take 3 to 10 grams of quantity per day as a powder and if you have liquid then you can take 1/2 to 2 teaspoon per day. Similarly, if you have asparagus extract capsules, it is recommended to take 250 mg of capsules twice a day. Do not forget to ask your doctor for the right dose.

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