Patanjali Green tea benefits, dosage, and price

Patanjali Green tea benefits

In this article, we will discuss Patanjali Green Tea benefits, dosage, and price. Divya herbal tea that combines the goodness of herbs and plant products. It contains vitamins and minerals which help you recover from a cough and cold, improve your general health and boost immunity. It is very important for a better digestion and helps in fat burning and thus helps reduce weight. A complete and best ayurvedic product for complete wellness.

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Green tea is one of the most important and widely consumed drinks in the world. Apart from being a delicious drink, it has many powerful advantages due to the important antiviral, antioxidant and anti-cavity properties of Green Tea.

Green tea provides relief from many common health issues and reduces the risk of many chronic diseases and serious health problems. Due to its many health benefits, Green Tea can do wonders for your health. Only three to four cups of green tea can be very good for your health.

Green tea is in great discussion to reduce obesity. If you are worried about your overweight and stomach fat, then incorporate green tea into your daily routine. If we start drinking green tea instead of the daily tea consumed, then it benefits miraculously in reducing weight.

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Green tea contains antioxidants and vitamin C which destroys toxic products from the body, which gives strength to the body’s immunity system and increases resistance to fighting body diseases, we avoid stomach diseases and also it is very helpful in reducing obesity.

Many types of green tea are found, green tea is also found in the form of dry leaves and liquid leaves. Green Tea is available as a single tea bag, in powder form, canned container, capsule etc. in many different types.

Green tea was first produced in China and now it has become famous all over the world. Given the health benefits of this, green tea extracts are being used in many types of food products and beauty products. Apart from this, it has been used in medicines made for the treatment of many diseases. Drinking Green Tea Regularly prevents cancer and heart diseases.

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History of Green Tea

According to historians, in the year 1046, the Shang Dynasty of China created tea as the medicine, the book ‘Tea Classic’ written by Lu Yue is considered important in the history of green tea. Later Mongols started using it as a beverage. After the establishment of the East India Company in India, the British started tea business in Asia and Europe. After this, tea cultivation gained popularity in Darjeeling and Indian Tea became a famous and popular beverage for Asian people, today the beverage is enjoyed all over the world.

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Patanjali Green tea benefits

For Brain Power

Healthy blood vessels are needed for our brain to function properly. According to a Swiss study, people who regularly drink green tea, have more activity in the memory area of their brains.

Bioactive compounds present in green tea can have a protective effect on neurons, which can delay the damage caused by diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Simply drink one or two cups of daily green tea to boost your memory and remove the disease.

For hair

With the use of green tea, not only stops hair fall but also their growth happens very rapidly. Green tea helps the hair grow naturally. Green tea contains polyphenols, vitamin C, 5-alpha reductase and vitamin E, which helps in developing hair and softening them. Poly pleonastic and testosterone substances found in tea play an important role in preventing hair from falling. From which it is easy home remedies for long dense hair. Green tea can also be used to keep the head clean and to protect the head from infection.

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For Oral Health

By drinking green tea, teeth are healthy and the risk of cavities is less. In green tea, natural fluoride, polyphenols, and catechins can effectively kill bacteria which cause various types of diseases like dental caries, bad breath, and cavity.

According to a study published in the European Journal, drinking one or more cups of green tea in one day reduce the dental damage. However, the oral benefits of green tea are reduced by adding sugar, honey or other sweeteners. (Read More)

Get rid of the stench of mouth

Green tea prevents the growth of bacteria in the mouth. There are many teeth disease and one of them is the bad smell of mouth. Therefore, those who are troubled by the smell of mouth should start drinking green tea. (Read More)

For Weight Loss

Many studies have proved that one cup of daily green tea can reduce fat in the body, especially in the area of the stomach. It can reduce body fat percentage, body weight, and waist circumference. In addition, green tea produces heat in the body, which in turn help burn additional calories.

By combining caffeine and other compounds in tea, metabolism is also encouraged and fat is destroyed quickly.

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For Skin

Green tea contains anti-oxidant in high doses, which is why it helps to remove the toxic substances present in the body. Due to the emptiness of the stomach, the skin looks stupendous and glowing. There are many types of cosmetic products available in the green tea market. If you do not want to use cosmetic products, you can use Patanjali Divya herbal tea pack at home.

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For Diabetics

Green tea helps maintain blood glucose levels in people suffering from diabetes. Compounds such as polyphenols and policechraides present in green tea may be useful for both types of diabetes.

Green tea can stimulate the production of insulin in the pancreas, regulate blood sugar levels and absorb glucose in people with type 1 diabetes. In type 2 diabetes, due to an increase in the continuous blood glucose, complications often arise in the eyes, heart, and kidneys. Green tea prevents this increase. In fact, Green Tea is one of the best things that a person suffering from diabetes should be included in their diet.

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For Cancer Patients

Many studies have found that antioxidants included in green tea can reduce the risk of various types of cancer like breast, prostate, colorectal, pancreatic, bladder, lung and stomach cancer.

In fact, antioxidants in green tea are hundred times more effective than vitamin C and are twenty-four times more effective than vitamin E. Drinking four cups of green tea a day can be good for anti-cancer gains.

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Freedom from stress and anxiety

According to a study done in the USA, people who drink green tea instead of regular tea, they have less tension or stress. Our brain needs glucose to function properly and polyphenols present in green tea keep the amount of glucose needed in it. Apart from this, this tea has many more advantages for our brain. (Read More)

How to Use Patanjali Green Tea

To make green tea you can heat 1 teaspoon of green tea, heat one cup of water at 80 degree Celsius, then by filtering it, you can taste the tea. If you do not screw it much, then it may look bitter in taste.

Add the green powder tea to the water, then add the juice of honey and lemon to it and you can enjoy this delicious and nutritious tea.

To make green tea with ginger, first, pour water and ginger and heat it, then put green tea leaves in it a small spoon and turn off the gas and leave the tea for a while and then leave it You can consume it by doing it.

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Price of Patanjali Green Tea

Price: 70rs/50gm

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