Patanjali, Baba Ramdev Made plans to prepare for the online market

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New Delhi: Patanjali Ayurveda of Baba Ramdev is now going to enter the online market. According to some media reports, Patanjali’s father Ramdev is preparing to tie up with eight big e-commerce companies of the country. It is being said that Patanjali has contacted companies like Amazon and Flipkart for this. Baba Ramdev‘s spokesperson has given this information.

 Baba Ramdev’s spokesperson gave the information

Baba Ramdev’s spokesperson SK Tijarawala tweeted, “Patanjali Ayurveda has now started preparing for entry in the online market. We will announce the agreement soon with the world’s leading e-commerce companies.” This is the first time that Baba Ramdev’s company is going to move into the online market.

 Patanjali has made plans

Baba Ramdev had also talked about the market entry of diaper sanitary napkins at the end of 2017. On this, Patanjali is preparing to launch its diaper sanitary napkins to compete with international companies. Baba Ramdev’s spokesman further wrote that ‘The new chapter of online shopping of Patanjali’s products will start soon. They will be available on many e-commerce portals.’

Patanjali was ranked 45th in 2016.

Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali was also praised in the annual list of Forbes Magazine’s 2017 annual list. According to this list, Patanjali is ranked 19th among the fastest growing companies in the country. However, Patanjali was ranked 45th in the year 2016.

Famous Products of Ramdev’s Patanjali
Many domestic products such as Dandakanti Manjan, Ghee and Shampoo of Ayurveda of Patanjali have become very popular and due to this, international companies have also been forced to manipulate their strategies.