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Bahya Pranayama Steps and Benefits

Bahya means outside, it is such a pranayama that inhalation is given out while exercising, so it is called Bahya pranayama. Here in this article, we will describe Bahya Pranayama Steps and Benefits by Baba Ramdev. This pranayama is also called “yoga of external breath”. It is called External Retention in English. When the person does Kapalbhati, then the power of his Muladhara Chakra awakens and “Bahya pranayama” is done to raise the ascertained priceless power.

Bahya Pranayama (Bahya Kumbhaka) is a highly beneficial Pranayama practice for the treatment of all abdominal diseases. There are three main functions of Yoga or Pranayama – Poorak, Rechak, and kumbhak. The action of filling the breath inside is called “Poorak” and breathing out is called Rechak.

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The action of stopping the inhaled breath inside the body is called “internal kumbhak” and it is called “external kumbhak” to stop breathing outside of the body. In outer pranayama, external kumbhak is applied.

Baba Ramdev Bahya Pranayama Steps and Benefits

How to Do Bahya Pranayama – Steps

First position: – First of all, you sit on a flat and self-made ground, mat or seat, and sit in the state of Padmasan, Sukhasana.

Second position: – Now bow down to your diaphragm and try to fill your chest.

Third position: – Now exhale fast, while doing so, give a little emphasis on your stomach.

Fourth position: – Now try to chin down your chest slowly and try to get out of breath by pressing your stomach with a light hand. Now stay in this condition for a while.

Fifth position: – Now gradually leave your stomach and diaphragm and allow them to feel lighter. Now repeat this process at least 5-7 times.

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Benefits of Bahya pranayama: –

1- Freedom from all diseases of the stomach: – By practicing this pranayama, all the stomach diseases are eliminated. Diseases of the stomach can cause many diseases. Some common diseases of the stomach are acidity, gum and ulcers can be found in all these diseases. (Read More)

2- Increases concentration: – Increasing the concentration of mind and it is a difficult task, but it is not impossible. Strength is very important to increase concentration.

3- Beneficial in Sugar disease: – This pranayama is very beneficial for Sufi patients. Diabetics are called metabolic diseases, where the amount of sugar (blood sugar) in the person’s blood is greater than the requirement. (Read More)

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4- The digestive power is strong: – By regular exercise, digestive power can be strengthened. Our digestive system operates according to the time frame set by it. Due to this time limit, we get hungry in different hours of the day. Our eating mechanism begins to do its work after eating.

5- Beneficial in constipation and acidity: – Regular practice of this pranayama can be found to be free from constipation and acidity. Constipation is the state of the digestive system in which the stool of any person (or animal) becomes very tight and there is difficulty in dehydration. Constipation is the state of natural change in the stomach, in which the amount of stool removal is reduced. (Read More)

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6- Beneficial in the Purusha gland: – Regular practice of this pranayama removes the problem of the pruritus gland. In the human body, the prana gland or prostate gland is the only organ which is considered to be the symbol of manliness, because the best of men Metallic Venus or semen is formed only in the vertebrate gland. (Read More)

7- There is a benefit in hernia disease: – For prognosis of a hernia, this pranayama is extremely beneficial. Some organs of human body are located in hollow areas inside the body. These dormant places are called “body cavity”. Dehguna is covered with a leather membrane. The membranes of these caves sometimes explode and some part of the limb comes out. Such deformity is called Hernia.

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8- Benefits in the problem related to the urethra: – Regular practice eliminates all diseases related to the urethra. Infection of the urinary tract (UTI) is a bacterial born infection that infects a part of the urinary tract. When this urinary tract affects the lower part it is called normal bladder (infection of the bladder).

9- Brings stamina in the body: – By doing this, the body’s fatigue gets tired and comes into the body. According to psychologists, there is a state of tiredness, interest, and desire to be reduced. The general meaning of physical fatigue is taken from the loss of the mind or body’s strength. In such a condition, man does not work or is too little. The tired person lives idle. (Read More)

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Precautions / Side Effects for Bahya Pranayama

1. Cardiac patients do not practice Bahya pranayama.

2.Patients with hypertension should not practice it.

3.If a person is normal with taking blood pressure medication, then the person can do it for ten to twelve seconds after the doctor’s advice.

4. It should always be done with an empty stomach.

5. Pregnant women should not practice it. (Do it only after taking doctor’s advice)

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6. Women should not make it during the period cycle.

7. Before practicing it, make sure that you can stop breathing for at least 10 to 12 seconds. Since taking out the breath and taking it off, it takes 10 to 12 seconds for all three binds. It is a loss to prevent breathing out of the body for more long-term stamina, so force your body to stop breathing as per the limits of power.

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