Home Remedies For Viral Fever | Ayurvedic Medicine For Viral Fever

Home Remedies For Viral Fever

In this article, you will find the best Home Remedies For Viral Fever. The fever caused by virus infection is called viral fever. Viral fever viruses remain inactivated in the throat. These viruses get activated and affect our immune system by coming into contact with the cold environment, cooling water from the fridge, drinking soft drinks etc.

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Information of Viral fever

The disease reaches a person from one person to another, very easily and fast. Its virus reaches each other through breath. After spreading the flu becomes active for a day or two and sometimes in a few hours.

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Viral fever in children

Viral is more troublesome for infants. This makes them yellow and sluggish. They may have difficulty in respiratory and breastfeeding as well as vomiting. Apart from this, complications like pneumonia, vesicles, and karnoshoth are also born in infants.

Along with any other disease, viral fever worsens the patient’s condition even further. For example, if the coughing patient becomes viral, its nervous system may also be affected. Therefore patients with dysentery and tuberculosis should be especially protected from this.

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Symptoms of viral fever

  • Red eyes
  • The temperature of the body in this fever is 101 degrees to 103 degrees or more
  • Cough and cold
  • Pain in the joints and swelling
  • Fatigue and throat pain
  • Nose down
  • Body pain
  • Do not get hungry
  • Feeling weak in lifting after lying
  • Headache

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Causes of viral fever

Viral fever is caused by the weak immune system of the body. If the body’s immunity or immune system is strong then this disease does not happen soon.

General treatment of viral fever

Viral fever usually appears to be normal fever, so if a fever happens, the doctor should go to the place so that it can be ascertained whether there is viral fever or not. If there is a viral fever, then the following measures should be taken:

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  • If the fever is up to 102 degrees and there are no other dangerous symptoms then care of the patient can be done at home only.
  • Place normal water straps on the patient’s body. Keep the bandages as long as the body temperature does not decrease. After keeping the bar he gets hot so keep it for only 1 minute.
  • If the body is too hot along with the forehead, soak the cloth in normal water and wipe the whole body from it.
  • The patient can give a tablet of Paracetamol every six hours. Do not give any other bullet without asking the doctor.
  • Children can give medicine according to the weight of 10 milliseconds every four hours.
  • If the fever is not correct for two days, then take the patient to the doctor.
  • Take full care of cleanliness. If the patient is viral, then keep a little distance from it and do not use things used by the patient.
  • Allow the patient to relax, especially in a high fever. Rest also works in the treatment of fever.
  • Keep snoring nose and mouth on your face before sneezing of the patient. It will not spread to others when it is viral.
  • Antibiotic drugs have no role in viral fever. Viral fever is cured in 5 to 7 days.
  • Treatment of this disease is done on the basis of symptoms, the patient should take adequate amounts of glucose and electrolyte.

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Best Home Remedies For Viral Fever

Most people suffer from fever when there is a sudden change in temperature or the phase of infection. One such seasonal fever is fever, which is called viral fever. Some antibiotics or some OTC (over-the-counter) are used to deal with this fever. Before you go to the doctor before trying some home remedies, it may be possible to reduce the fever or completely relax. Natural cure is safe and readily available for viral fever. Let’s tell you some easy home remedies for the treatment of viral fever, which are the following:

1. Coriander Tea

Coriander seeds contain phytonutrients which give vitamins to the body and also increase their immune system. The antibiotic compounds present in coriander give the power to fight viral infections.

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How to prepare – Put a glass of water in a glass of coriander and boil it. After that mix a little milk and sugar in it. Coriander tea is ready, drinking it brings viral fever very comfort.

2. Brew of Dill seed

In addition to strengthening the immune system and resting the body, the dill seeds are also useful in reducing body temperature. The reason for this is the presence of Flavonoids Osmond Pins. The decoction of the dill seed serves as a powerful antimicrobial agent, with the relief of viral fever.

How to prepare – Put dill seeds in one cup boiling water and boil it, then add a pinch of cinnamon in it. Drink like hot tea.

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3. Brew of Basil leaves

The symptoms of viral fever are the most effective and widely used medicines for natural remedies, basil leaves. Bacterial anti-disinfectant, anti-biological and fungal properties make Basil the best for viral fever.

How to prepare – Boil half a teaspoon clove powder with about 20 fresh and clean basil leaves in a liter of water and boil. Boil the water until the water decreases half to half. Take this decoction every two hours.

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4. Rice Starch

The common home remedy for the treatment of viral fever is rice starch (known as Kanji in Hindi). This traditional remedy enhances the immune system. It acts as a natural nutritious drink especially for children and older people suffering from viral fever.

How to prepare – Pour one part rice and half part water and cook until half of the rice is cooked. After this, separate the water and separate it with hot salt. It gives a lot of comfort in viral fever.

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5. Dry ginger mix

Ginger is extremely beneficial for health. There are analgesic properties to reduce the symptoms of anti-Flamel, antioxidant and viral fever. Therefore, people suffering from viral fever should use dry ginger with honey to remove the problem.

How to prepare – Boil by adding two medium-sized dried pieces of ginger or nutritional powder in one cup of water. Boil some turmeric, black pepper, sugar etc. with ginger in the second boil. Drink it a little bit four times a day. It provides relief in viral fever.

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6. Fenugreek Water

Easily available in the kitchen, fenugreek seed contains medicinal properties such as diosgenin, saponins and alkaloids. Fenugreek seeds are also used in the treatment of many other diseases and this is the best medicine for viral fever.

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How to prepare – Soak half a cup of water in a large spoon of fenugreek. In the morning, drink this drink at regular intervals for the treatment of viral fever. For some relief, a mixture of fenugreek seeds, lemon and honey can be prepared and used.

Some Useful Ayurvedic Medicine For Viral Fever

Note – These are only home remedies, and should not be used in place of medical advice. If your fever is not coming, then you should seek medical advice and follow their guidelines.

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