Home Remedies For Fever in Babies Or Lower Infant

home remedies for fever in babies

Here are some Home remedies for fever in babies. At the time of fever, you can take some home remedies as well as giving medicines prescribed by the doctor to the newborn.

Fever is the primary sign of a disease, but fever does not always mean any major illness. Most fevers in children are due to viral infection. Dementia may also be the cause of this in some circumstances as the body temperature increases. When you find your body temperature increased, it may be a concern for you. In such circumstances, you can fall into a dilemma, at this time you need to take medicines with your doctor’s advice. Some of the following home remedies can prove beneficial to you.

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Here are top 10 home remedies for fever in babies:

1. Cool strip –

As soon as you feel the fever in the baby’s body, first of all, you should soak the soft cloth in water and keep the cool strip on the head of the baby. If the strip is completely happy, then it is understood that the strip has absorbed the fever and it also lowers the body temperature.

Using soft clothes or sponges, you can also cover some parts of the baby like armpits, feet and hands. It will also reduce the temperature of your body.

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Note – While using this process, do not use cool or ice water at all. It can increase the temperature inside the body.

2. Bath with lukewarm water –

Bathing with lukewarm water will make the baby feel healthy and it will also control the body temperature. Doing so will make your baby sleep well. This is necessary to get rid of fever quickly.

  • To soak the sponges in lukewarm water for infants under 6 months of age and rub their body 2 to 3 times.
  • For infants having more than 6 months of age, take them with a small amount of water daily. After the bath, give them clothes immediately.

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Note – Do not use too hot or cold water while doing this, it can increase the temperature inside your body.

3. Breast milk –

Breast milk is important for infants who have 6 months of age who have the fever. This gives the baby enough nutrients to work, to strengthen the infant’s weakened immune system and prepare the infant to fight the fever.

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Breast milk is easily digested in infants. It also creates an appetite in children which is necessary for their early recovery.

  • You should try that the infant under the age of 6 months can be fed breast milk. If your child is not drinking milk in daily condition because of having a fever then try to drink in the second stage.
  • If your baby is not having a breast milk, if you have a father, then pump the milk of the breasts and drink it with the help of a spoon or bottle.

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4. Try to give more liquids –

It is important for infants with fever to give them maximum liquids. This will reduce their internal temperature and by doing so the child will not have the problem of dehydration.

Due to dehydration, there may be other problem in the body of the baby too, and this will also take time to recover the baby.

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Because of fever, most babies do not like taking too much fluid at the same time. So give them a little bit at a time and then repeat this process again after some time.

  • Give oral rehydration solutions in lukewarm water to small babies.
  • You can also drink babies up to 6 months old by mixing rehydration solution, cold milk, ice pop, fruit juice and cold curd with water.

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5. Keep your baby in a cool place-

When talking about the care of a sick child, it is necessary to keep the baby at the room temperature and keep eyes closed. And keep in mind that the temperature of the room is not less or more. It would be better to keep the room temperature of your baby up to 70 to 74 degrees (21.1 to 23.30C).

  • If you are running a fan, keep in mind that it runs only on slow speed. Keep in mind that your baby is not sleeping directly under the fan.
  • If you are running AC then keep its temperature comfortable. Keep in mind that your body should not be cold too. Suit the baby to keep the same temperature.
  • Do not use continuous room heater as it can increase the temperature of the baby’s body.
  • Keep your newborns at home most of the time. If you have to take your baby out, take it in the cage.

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6. Wear newborn baby in comfortable clothes only

Parents prefer to wear blankets at the time of fever during the fever in newborns or to put a blanket on them. By doing so, the body temperature of the baby starts increasing rather than decreasing. If the baby is wrapped in a cloth or blanket, their temperature increases. During cold air, wearing warm hot clothes, the child’s body temperature remains balanced.

Wear your newborns light and soft clothes. And if your baby is sleeping, you can also put a blank blanket if you need it.

Keep your infant’s body in a comfortable room, where there is no temperature, no more.

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7. Foot Massage –

Rubbing the lower part of your newborn with the help of hot oil. This will not only make the baby feel comfortable, but it will also keep your baby cool and it will also bring good sleep to the baby, which is very important for her to recover quickly during the fever period.
Massaging your body with temperature is also controlled.

  • Massage the hot olive oil on the lower part of your baby’s feet.
  • With the help of your thumb and hamstring, put light on the lower part of the feet while massaging.
  • In the end, massage the entire feet. Do this for only 4 minutes and repeat again if needed.

When talking about the massage of the feet, keep in mind that the massage is not too loud and for long.

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8. Apple Cider Vinegar –

You can also use Apple Cider Vinegar for infants of 1 year or less. Because apple cider vinegar also reduces body temperature.

  • Mix 1 cup apple cider vinegar in lukewarm water.
  • Soak a soft cloth in it and squeeze out more water.
  • You can also massage your baby with a sponge.
  • Repeat this process 2 to 3 times a day, unless the fever runs out.

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9. Tulsi –

Tulsi may prove beneficial for infants under 1 year of age. It also lowers the body temperature. It works as a natural antibiotic and immune booster.

  • Boil a handful of basil in 2 cups water. After boiling, add some sugar in it and give your baby some time in the day.
  • If your baby is a cough, give the baby to chew Tulsi leaves.

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10. Control the body temperature –

When the newborn has a fever, it is important to take care of the temperature of the body.

To check the temperature of your baby’s body daily and keep it in a book. And take the time to take the doctor along with it, it will help the doctor to understand the problem.

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Some Useful Tips –

  • To check your newborn from time to time, see your infant himself once in the night.
  • If you see signs of dehydration in your baby’s body, contact your doctor immediately.
  • Your newborn must be restored once every four hours and the toilet needs to be light colored.
  • If your baby keeps crying all day long and does not stop crying, then consult your doctor’s advice.
  • Keep your baby near you in the time of fever.
  • At the time of fever, you can give solid food to your infant but they should not be forced.
  • Feed them soft and fresh food.
  • If your doctor has advised the child to give medication, do not try to give him more medication. Use a merging device (calculating machine) when giving the drug.
  • Always keep your baby up to date at the time of fever

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You can reduce the fever of newborn by adopting some of the above mentioned simple uses.

If your newborn has any other signs of illness or fever, such as diarrhea, cough, and vomiting, immediately seek your doctor’s advice. We have told these measures according to our calculations. Let us examine these measures with the advice of your doctor and then use it. Being a parent always rely on your emotions. If under any circumstances do you think that you should consult a doctor, then you must definitely move forward.

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