Home Remedies for Dry Cough in Babies

Home Remedies for Dry Cough in Babies

Are you looking for home remedies for dry coughs in babies and infants? Has the change in weather changed your family’s health? Do you want to know what the best thing for a child’s cough is? In this article, we will discuss some of the best home remedies to treat dry cough in babies.

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Coughing is often caused by allergic reactions. Whenever the infant feels cold or cough, then the first step of parents is to get treatment of your child in a natural way. No parents want to give their child strong medicines and fix them. The reason is there can be side effects of those medicines, for this, we will tell you some natural home remedies which will cure the cough and cure of the baby.

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Cough is one of the most common health problems. When there is obstruction or trouble in the path of your throat, then your brain thinks that it has foreign element and it cures to remove that element from the body. However, continuous cough may also be symptoms of many conditions, such as allergies, viral infections, or bacterial infections.

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There is nothing worse than continuous coughing. Cough can keep you awake at night, interfere with your work and make you feel miserable. Cough allergies, asthma, acid reflux, dry air, and smoking are common causes. While the most common symptoms of cough are itching, chest pain, and friction.

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In winter season, besides cold, your baby health needs to suffer from cough. Before taking allopathic medicines to treat them, the side effects of those medicines cannot be neglected. Instead, there are many natural home remedies that treat your babies without any unwanted side effects.

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What is Dry Cough?

Sometimes mucus also occurs with cough, then it is called a wet or mucous cough, and if you do not get rid of mucus, and even after repeated cough, it seems that there is something stuck in the throat, so this type of cough is called “dry cough“. Mucus cough is usually due to infection, pneumonia, or tuberculosis etc. Today, people are facing many problems related to health, from which dry cough is becoming a common disease.

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Dry cough causes

  • Viral infections
  • Flu
  • Cold
  • Smoking
  • Due to Dust Contact
  • Tuberculosis, asthma, lung disease, a major illness
  • Allergies
  • Acid reflux is also thought to be the father of dry cough
  • Due to the side effects of high blood pressure medicines, there is also a dry cough
  • Stress
  • Change in weather
  • To be more cold

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Symptoms of Dry Cough

  • Irritation with eyes
  • Sound heavy
  • Do not feel tastes and fragrances in eating
  • Feeling throat or pain
  • Sneeze
  • Nasalization
  • Drops of water
  • Mucus fall from the nose to the throat
  • Muscle pain or stretch
  • Headache

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Home remedies for Dry Cough in Babies


There is no better treatment than the steam to remove the blockage of the nose. Hot air turns the infant’s phlegm, but how can you get the infant? Do this so that you have a hot shower in your bathroom and close the door. Sit down with your child in the same bathroom twice a day in 15 minutes. This steam will remove the obstruction of the lungs and nose.

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Hot soup

Hot broth and soups are pleasing to the throat and are especially useful in coughing with cold and flu. They contain spicy foods like onions, garlic, ginger and black pepper that work. As you drink hot soup, the vapor containing the volatile active agent enters your airway and covers the mucus, while the hot liquid calms your throat.

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It is a healthy and reliable spice for cough treatment. If the child is very young and he is on milk now, then put some turmeric on your breast while giving him milk. If the child drinks milk from the bottle, then mix some turmeric in its milk and then feed the baby. The baby will be relieved twice a day by adding turmeric milk.

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Mother’s milk

Mother’s milk is a wonderful drink. Therefore children younger than 6 months of age do not need any other medication other than mother’s milk to fight against viruses and bacteria during winter and cough.

As you know that the mother’s milk is full of antibodies. These antibodies present in mother’s milk help in strengthening the immunity of the child against all types of germs, viruses and bacteria. It also helps to keep your young child hydrated properly.

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Carom Seeds compresses

Celery is known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties. Just make sure the cloth is not too hot, otherwise it can also burn your skin. For good results follow this process for 2-3 days. The scent of hot celery from the bottle will also remove the cough present in your chest.

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It is a pulpy evergreen plant, which is widely known as Panikoorka in South India and it is used in children to cure cough, fever, sore throat and closed nose.

It is also known as Indian Borage, Leaf Celery, Stone Powder, Kapurvalli, and it is a natural antipyretic and phlegmatic drug. Pulpy aromatic leaves are roasted on the stove, and after cooling it is kept on the child’s forehead. Drying of the leaves shows the absorption of water and thus provides relief from coughing of the child.

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Oil Massage

Massage of essential oil removes child’s cuffs. Eucalyptus, henna, peppermint and sage oil are suitable for massage. Make a mixture, mix olive oil and these oils and massage the baby’s chest and back. Cover the child’s body with a cloth or sheets, so that its body produces heat and oil can show its effect.

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Honey and lemon

This is another type of natural decoction, which exits less in the chest. Mixing lemons and honey gives relief to the throat, erases infection and other benefits. All you have to do is mix honey and lemon with hot water and give it to your baby.

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Clothing according to season

The child’s clothes should have his chest saves from winter. In the winter season, wear a cloth over one to keep it warm. If it is warm then make sure its clothes are comfortable and do not feel suffocated. However, it is normal to use blankets at night, but it is probably not such a good idea. Your child can pull a sheet or blanket over your head. It can be suffocated and it is also at risk for SIDS or accidental infant mortality syndrome.

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You can wear your child a piece of dress and a T-shirt above it. If it is not cold outside then it can be effective. Remember, his rest holds the most importance, so if he feels troubled, then feel free to change his outfit accordingly. However, do not forget to cover the chest.

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Raise the baby’s head a little high:

If your soft baby is unable to sleep due to dry cough, then you should raise his head a little high. For this, you place a small pillow or sheet under the head of the head, so that its head becomes slightly elevated. Along with this, if you put a little medicine in the nose, the nose will not be closed and the air will be rested immediately after it gets airy.

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