Top 10 Health Benefits of Triphala powder by Baba Ramdev

Health Benefits of Triphala powder

Healthy Triphala is full of medicinal properties

Triphala is a very effective medicine for everyday common diseases, whether it is a headache or skin diseases, blood defects, urine disease or digestive system related diseases. It is a panacea for all diseases. Let’s learn the Health Benefits of Triphala powder.

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Triphala Powder

Triphala is a mixture of three best medicines hard, bahada and amla. It is a priceless gift of nature. Triphala is a medicinal and immune medication. It is an antibiotic and antiseptic. The use of Triphala maintains the balance of the vata, bile and cough in the body. It is a very effective medicine for normal diseases, whether it is a headache or skin diseases, blood defects, urinary problems or digestive system related diseases. It is a panacea for all diseases.

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1. Triphala Increases body’s immune system

The people with a weak immune system should eat Triphala. The use of Triphala increases body’s immune system, which gives the body the ability to fight illnesses. The body with resistance can easily fight against external elements. Triphala promotes the production of antibodies in the body, who fight against the antigen in the body and keep the body bacteria free.

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2. Elixir for stomach disorders

Tripura’s three herbs promote internal cleanliness. Taking Triphala’s powder with Gumutra, diseases of various types of stomach get rid of stroke, abdominal stool, spleen growth etc.

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3. Effective in constipation problem

Triphala is extremely effective in constipation problem. The problem of constipation is solved by taking Triphala powder with light hot milk or hot water at bedtime. Or adding two teaspoons of Triphala and Isabgol husk with lukewarm water, it also removes constipation.

4. Increase Hemoglobin

If you are suffering from anemia, eating Triphala can be beneficial for you. By taking Triphala regularly, red blood cells grow in the body, causing hemoglobin to grow in the body.

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5. Triphala is Anti-oxidant

Anti-oxidant properties present in Triphala neutralize the effect of age. The consumption of Triphala reduces the age factor, so you look younger than age.

6. Increase the eyesight

The use of Triphala leads to a surprising increase in eyesight. For this, soak a teaspoon Triphala in a glass of water in the evening; Wash the eyes with this water after mixing it well and filtering it well. Doing this increases the eyesight of the eyes. In addition, soak the Triphala powder in the water in morning, filter in the evening and drink it. Mix the water in the same Triphala powder in the evening, drink it in the morning. It will helps to cure eyes in a short time.

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7. Useful for diabetes

Triphala is very effective in the treatment of diabetes. This helps stimulate the pancreas, which generates the amount of insulin and the body maintains the appropriate amount of insulin and the level of sugar.

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8. Helps to Remove the bad smell of the mouth

Triphala will be very useful for you if you are troubled by the deodorant that comes from your mouth. For this, soak a spoonful Triphala in a glass of fresh water for two to three hours, Gargle with this water several times. Apart from this, try to make Manfu from Triphala powder, mouth disease, mouth ulcers will be cured, the abscess will disappear and even the deodorant of the mouth will be removed.

9. Remove the headache problem

If you have the headache problem, Triphala can help you to avoid this problem. For this, Triphala, turmeric, neem bark and giloye cook all these in water until the water is halfway. After filtering it for a few days in the morning, with good intake or sugar, the problem of a headache is removed.

10. Helping to remove skin problems

Triphala is very helpful in skin related problem. By taking Triphala toxic substances comes out from the body and skin gets cleaned. Apart from this, it prevents any kind of infection in the body.

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The other benefits of Triphala are as follows:

  • Taking 5-5 grams of Triphala powder brings benefits in herpes, itching, and skin diseases.
  • Washing the wounds from Triphala’s decoction does not require allopathic-antiseptic. The wound fills quickly.
  • It reduces the increased bile, cough, and air in the body.
  • It is effective in curing ulcers.
  • This reduces bad cholesterol.
  • It should be taken regularly in diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. This reduces complexity in these diseases.
  • The use of Triphala balances the Vata, bile, and cough in the body. It is also beneficial in malaria fever / heterozygous fever.

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  • Triphala is also beneficial to prevent Hemorrhage/bleeding in dengue.
  • Take half a spoonful Triphala before sleeping. It increases immunity and reduces allergy, cough congestion.
  • Taking half a teaspoon of Triphala in a headache due to Vata is very beneficial.
  • Triphala is taken with ghee + honey + hot water in urine infection (UTI).
  • Mixing Triphala + giloy + neem bark + Vaasa + salicya + kutki in equal quantity, boil it in water and make a decoction and drink it twice a day.

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The Side Effects of Triphala are as follows:

  • Do not take this during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • In some people, Triphala shows urine properties. They do not take it at night because it can disturb sleep.
  • In some people, it consumes more sleep.
  • Do not give Triphala to children younger than 6 years.
  • To take longer periods of time, it can be taken in a smaller quantity and for a longer duration.

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Rules for taking Triphala

If you take Triphala in the morning, it is called “Nutrition” because in the morning it consumes the body as it fulfills the lack of vitamins, iron, calcium etc. in the body. In the morning, you can do it with good.

If you take it in the night, then it is called “interesting” because taking Triphala at night, stomach cleansing and constipation are prevented. At night it should be taken with hot milk. It can be mixed with boiling water and after soaking in water in water and cracking in the morning or making a decoction.

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There are no two opinions on how precious the benefits of Triphala are. Regular consumption of it is effective and beneficial for the body.

Questions about Triphala

1. What is the dose of Triphala powder for weight loss?

The correct dose of Triphala powder for weight loss is 3 grams, with hot water twice a day.

2. How many days should we take Triphala?

Duration of the treatment of Triphala or any other herbal medicine depends on the individual health status. The purpose of using Triphala is the subject of more thinking. If someone is using it for moderate constipation, then its treatment period should be approximately 2 to 4 weeks. If Triphala powder is using for any chemical purpose, its duration of use should be around one year.

Triphala’s short-term and long-term use is safe when indicated for medical purposes.

3. Which Triphala is better, Patanjali Triphala or Dabur Triphala?

Typical Triphala usually has only three components. Patanjali Triphala and Dabur Triphala, both brands are good for Triphala.

4. Does Triphala have cramps, pain or gas in the stomach?

Many people may experience slight pain and cramps in the stomach after using Triphala for the first time. The body gradually adjusts with the use of Triphala and such unwanted effects begin to disappear. All these symptoms are usually with those people whose digestion is weak. There may be a lot of pain in the stomach if the person’s stomach is already worn out.

However, due to Triphala, there has never been a complaint of inflammation of the gas and stomach in the intestines, but it can have undesirable effects. To reduce this side-effect, you can use black salt with Triphala.

5. How can I take Triphala to lose weight?

To reduce the weight, mix the Triphala with the Trikuta churna and honey, and then take this mixture with water.

6. Can we take Triphala powders with plain water before sleeping overnight for sleeping? What are its benefits? I have read that it is the rage to stop an aging.

According to classical texts Triphala powders can be used for lifelong use for rejuvenation and anti-aging effects. It also helps prevent many other diseases including heart disease, eye disorders, stomach disorders and skin diseases. Triphala can take the powder with hot water every night.

7. Can we give Triphala powder to children? From what age can we begin?

It is very safe to give Triphala powder to the children under medical supervision. It can be given from the age of 12 months.

8. Can we take Triphala while trying to conceive?

Trying to conceive or getting pregnant, Triphala is not recommended. Because it acts on the muscles and induces the muscle speed, which can also affect the uterine muscles.

If you have constipation, then the best medicine for this is gulkand and after that, there is a Satta isabgol.

9. If we have to get rid of glasses, then how can we make the best use of Triphala powder for eye treatment?

You can use Yashtimadhu (1 gm) and Loh Bhasma (50 mlg) with Triphala powders for internal use (3 gm).

Triphala eye drops made from the distillation of Triphala powder or Triphala Eye Wash are helpful in preventing cataract, improving vision and reducing the number of glasses.

With the Triphala ghrit, the Eye Bastia gives very good results in improving eyesight and reducing the number of spectacles. It can be used daily for 2 weeks and then it should be repeated after every 4 weeks.

All these above can be used to reduce the number of glasses and improve vision. Along with Triphala eye treatment, grafting of cow’s ghee in eye workout and navel also benefits.

10. How many grams weighs in 1 teaspoon Triphala powder?

A spoon (standard spoon) is about 3 to 3.5 g Triphala powder.

11. Can I use Triphala with honey?

Yes, Triphala can be used with honey. This combination is usually used to reduce belly fat.

12. If you use Triphala powder inadvertently during pregnancy, is it the cause of birth defects?

Triphala does not use powders for caution, because some believe that it can increase the contraction of the uterus and cause abortion. This is just a hypothesis and it is not a proven concept and it can only happen if Triphala powder is taken more than 10 to 20 grams per day or extracts more than 5 grams per day.

By taking second, recommended or normal dose ie 3 to 6 grams per night, the effects of Triphala on the uterine contraction are negligible. It does not have the power or action like other modern medicines.

Triphala powder contains pulp powder of dried fruit of three plants, which is also nutritious. Using Triphala for a short time can cause no problems to pregnant women and a developing child. Triphala is unlikely to have any kind of birth defects.

13. Can we take empty stomach Triphala in the morning?

Yes, empty stomach Triphala can be taken in the morning. If you feel embarrassed after taking an empty stomach, then you should not continue it. In such cases, it is best to take it at night or after eating.

14. Can I use Triphala for diabetes?

Triphala has antihyperglycexic effects, so if diabetes is detected recently it will give good results.

15. Can a diabetic patient use Triphala regularly?

Yes, Triphala formulations can be used by diabetics. It has an antihyperglacialcmic action. Therefore, if you are taking anti-diabetic drugs to avoid hypoglycemia, you should regularly monitor your blood glucose levels and consult a doctor for anti-diabetic medication. However, hypoglycemia is not due to Triphala, but if your blood glucose level becomes normal and you take anti-diabetic drugs, these medicines can lead to lower blood glucose levels.

16. Can I use Triphala to gain weight?

Triphala does not help in weight gain.

17. Will constipation be safe to take the combination of Triphala and Gulkand together?

Triphala and Gulkand can take both together without any dispute, but this combination should be taken with water. In general, Gulkand is taken with milk for laxative action and it is advisable to take Triphala with water.

18. Can I use Triphala after surgery?

Triphala performs a light reflexive action with many health benefits. It heals wounds and increases the speed of treatment. Therefore, any person can use it after 2 weeks of surgery without any problem. It is best to use Triphala after 2 weeks in a colon surgery and pile surgery.

19. Can Triphala powder be taken with milk at night?

The most suitable and recommended auxiliary light hot water for Triphala is. Triphala gives better results by taking with water. There is amla in it so we do not suggest taking it with milk.

However, this is a contradictory fact. Some people believe that there is an exception to the mythical citrus fruits. Unlike other citrus foods, it can be taken from milk. Therefore, you have read the title of Chyavanprash, in which Amla is a major component, but it is advisable to take it with hot milk.

20. Can I take Triphala powder with honey and sesame oil for longevity and healthy life?

Yes, according to the defect, Triphala can be taken with sesame oil, ghee or honey. For longevity and healthy life, it should be used as described in the Trifle Chemicals section of this article. Also, read another article on Triphala Chemicals.

21. After taking Triphala, I am experiencing irritation in the stomach, what should I do?

You should stop it and it is probably not suitable for you. In this case, you (500 mg) of amla can be used with 1500 mg Yashtimadhu, 250 mg of Praval Pishti, 125 mg Potti (Moti Pishti), 250 mg Mukta Shukti Pishti or alone Can make 250 milligrams with Kamdudha Ras.

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