Baba Ramdev Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose) steps and benefits

Baba Ramdev Gomukhasana yoga steps and benefits

Gomukhasana name is kept on two words: Gau and Mukh. Gau means Cow and mukh mean face. This name has been given to this asana because, in this asana, your thighs and shin are in the same currency as the cow’s face: thick backward and thin on the front. Here we will describe Gomukhasana yoga steps and benefits by Baba Ramdev. It is called “Cow Face Pose” in English. It is extremely beneficial posture for women. This posture is very beneficial for arthritis, indigestion, constipation, metastasis, diabetes, pain in the waist.

This makes the muscles of hands and feet active and strong. The stress is far away. Removing shoulder and neck stiffness also beneficial in the waist, back pain etc.Increasing the power of the lung by widening the chest, which provides benefits in respiratory disease.

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Baba Ramdev’s Gomukhasana yoga steps and benefits

Steps to do Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose)

  • First of all, put a velvet or yoga mat on a clean and flat place.
  • Sit in Sukhasana or Dandasana.
  • Now keep the ankle of the left leg near the right hips.
  • Crossing the right leg above the left thighs, so that the knee should be above each other.
  • Now move the left hand behind the back and move the palms upwards.
  • Take the right hand straight on the right shoulder and twist the elbow and twist the hands by turning the elbow backward and folding the hands together. Now pull both hands slowly in your direction.
  • Keep your curved right hand up and down in your own capacity.

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  • Keep the body straight.
  • Keep breathing under control and try to stop the situation in this condition.
  • Change this posture to the hands and feet five times.
  • In the end, gradually after breathing, sit again in the dandasana.

Benefits of Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose)

By the way, Gomukhasana has many benefits. Here are some of the important benefits of doing this asana:

Gomukhasana for asthma: It is a very useful yoga practice for the lungs and helps in respiratory diseases. It reinforces the chest and increases its ability while cleaning the lungs. Therefore patients suffering from asthma should practice this posture regularly. (Read More)

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For the strengthening of the arms: If you have to strengthen muscles of the back and arms, then you must practice this asana.

For the health of the hips: If you are troubled by the pain of hips, then practice this asana.

For the spinal cord: It also strengthens the spine along with keeping it straight.

In preventing Hemorrhoids: It is considered to be very useful yoga for hemorrhoids.

For cervical spondylitis: With the practice of this asana you can get rid of many problems like shoulder stiffness, neck pain, and cervical spondylitis.

Sexual Problems: This posture is very effective in removing sexual problems. It is also very beneficial for gynecological diseases. (Read More)

Waist Pain: With its regular practice you can get relief from the problems of back pain. (Read More)

For liver and kidney: It plays an important role in keeping your liver and kidney healthy.

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To make the body shiny: By doing this asana, the body becomes smooth and flexible.

For Diabetes: It stimulates your pancreas and is helpful in controlling diabetes. (Read More)

Carefulness in Gomukhasana Yoga

1. If your Hemorrhoids are bleeding then this should not be practiced.

2. Do not practice this posture while having pain in the hands and feet.

3. If there is a serious problem in the spinal cord, do not do this Yoga at all.

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4. Do not force the force if you are having trouble getting your hands behind the back.

5. Do not practice it when there is the pain in the knees.

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