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giloy benefits

What is Giloy?

Giloy is an Ayurvedic medicine. Its botanical name is Tinospora Cordifolia and in Sanskrit it is known by many names like Guduchi, Amrita. In this article, you will know best Giloy Benefits for health, Uses, Giloy Juice benefits. In Ayurveda, this has been treated as a great medicine for Fever. It is a vine which is planted in trees, walls, and pots etc., easily rises up with the help of a rope, it is often seen in the parks, climbing on trees. The tree which forms the base of Giloy also gets absorbed in it. As the Neem tree climbs, Neem’s properties come in Giloy.

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Giloy is very beneficial, so it is called “Amrita” in Ayurveda. Giloy’s use of a person’s body is similar to the nectar. It is used in Ayurveda. It is Vata, phlegm and gallbladder. It also contains antibiotic and antiviral elements that increase the body’s immune system.

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Benefits of Giloy

1. Gilloy’s herbal properties improve digestion

Giloy fights all the diseases of your stomach. Take 1/2 grams of Giloy juice and mix it with honey, it cures all diseases of the stomach. With this, if you mix the Giloy and Asparagus with a glass of water and boil it in half and if the decoction is half, then it will be beneficial to drink this decoction in the morning and evening. Giloy juice can also be taken with buttermilk. This remedy can be used for the person suffering from hemorrhoids.

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2. Increase the immune system with the use of Giloy

Antioxidant properties are found in many quantities in Giloy. By taking giloy, your body’s immune system is increased, so that people are not very sick and they stay healthy for longer periods of time. The regular kidney and chest of the body remain healthy by taking regular of Giloy’s juice. There is also a good result of urine related diseases in the body. Giloy also removes the free radicals by removing the toxic educators from both the kidneys and the body. In addition bacteria, infection in the urinary tract also fights with diseases.

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3. Useful in Jaundice

The elements found in Giloy prove to be perfect in fixing jaundice. Cook the giloy leaf and make it a decoction and mix honey in it regularly. Mixing giloy juice with buttermilk is also quick to get relief in jaundice. For this, a spoon of Giloy, mixing one spoon powder of black pepper or Triphala, mixing one teaspoon of powdered honey, lick gives benefits in jaundice. Or grind the leaves of Giloy and remove its juice.

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4. Benefits of Gilloy in Blood Disease

Regular intake of Giloy can reduce the lack of blood in the body. Those who have a lack of blood, mix honey with the juice of giloy and eat it in the morning and evening. Along with the lack of blood, this recipe will help keep your blood healthy.

5. Benefits of Giloy for the treatment of dengue fever

Giloy is called an antiseptic drug. By taking a decoction of giloy leaves in fever or chronic fever, the fever gets rid of it – in this fever, it is possible to use this decoction for three times. Those people have fever like dengue, chikungunya and platelets in the blood are also decreasing Ho-gram of Giloy, add the juice of the papaya leaves and prepare the decoction and consume it regularly. Soon the blood count of platelets will increase and the disease will also get relief.

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6. Benefits of Giloy in Cancer

Antibacterial properties are found in Giloy. Blood cancer patient with giloy juice, taking out the juice of the wheat juice and mixing it in the same quantity starts consuming a lot of benefits. In the second method, take out the juice of wheat juice, mix the juice of giloy in a quantity, mixing the basil leaves together and mixing it in the juice, it is useful to consume it, there is considerable effect in the disease of cancer. This remedy also protects physiological harm from kimotherapy.

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7. Benefits of giloy juice for skin

Giloy is a good medicine in all skin diseases. Giloy helps reduce all the symptoms of aging. If there is a scar on the face or some kind of pimple foam, then grind the fruits of Giloy and apply it on the face. Boils – Relief in Fugio There is an anti-bacterial property in Giloy, which can also be used in all types of skin infections. Giloy juice and lemon juice are both mixed with equal amounts, The boils and acne start getting better soon.

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8. Reduce obesity with Giloy

Giloy also helps in reducing obesity. To reduce obesity, taking giloy and triphala powder with honey in the morning and evening is beneficial. Or add giloy, amla, turmeric, raisins, make a decoction and mix it with Shilajit and cook it and take it. Regular consumption of this leads to obesity.

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9. Take the giloy as a tonic of the brain

Adaptogenic herbs can be used in Giloy. This reduces brain stress and anxiety. This is an excellent healthy tonic. Which promotes memory and helps you focus on work. You can take a brain tonic by eating Giloy’s flowers and taking 5ml of Giloy juice regularly from the root. Giloy is often called an anti-aging herb.

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10. Giloy juice is useful for the treatment of asthma

Giloy is very beneficial for the treatment of asthma. The trouble with asthma such as chest tightness, breathing, coughing, wheezing etc. The treatment of Giloy is paramount, which is also very easy. It is often taken by the doctor in use for asthma patients. Combining it with neem and amla, its mixture becomes even more effective.

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11. Beneficial in heart and frenzy diseases

Giloy is beneficial for the heart as well as for the madness. By making a decoction by screwing Giloy’s scum, mixing a spoonful of Brahmi juice in this dish strengthens the heart and consumes it, and removing mania increases memory strength.

12. Growth from Giloy benefits

If a person feels that he is not good at bed, then there is no need to worry about sex, if you start eating cow’s milk immediately then it will surely get the reward. Giloy is also a boon for men as it is an acrobatic medicine that helps increase the libido, it enhances sex will.

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13. Giloy’s use for eyes

This is also a medicinal for eyes. Even in the eye diseases have seen good results of Giloy. Those who have weak eyesight, they can get rid of all the trouble by taking Giloy. Grinding Giloy’s addresses on the eyes also benefits.

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14. Use of Giloy relief in arthritis

Giloy removes many troubles in our body such as pain which is a common practice today. The pain in the body mainly remains today, this pain can be anywhere in joints, waist, stomach etc. If there is a pain in your body, then take 3 grams powder of giloy with honey or ghee daily in the morning and evening. The body will get relief in the arterial disorders.

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15. Diabetes relief using Giloy

If a person is suffering from diabetes, then Gilloy is a good medicinal which works as a hingoglycemic agent. It reduces blood pressure and lipid levels. Facilitate the treatment of type 2.

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16. Remove skin irritations with Giloy.

Giloy has medicinal properties that if you have irritation in your feet and have taken many tips, you can use Giloy. For this, mix giloy juice with neem leaves and amla and make a decoction. Eat this decoction 2 to 3 times per day, it removes hand and feet and body irritation.

17. Beneficial in ear pain

Ears pain is cured by humming the juices of Giloy leaves and putting them in the ear. As well as putting Giloy in water and humming, putting two times a day in both ears leads to the scum of the ear.

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18. Benefits of Giloy to reduce vomiting

If you have been vomiting for some reason, Giloy can benefit from it. Mixing honey in the juice of Giloy stops vomiting, consuming honey, as well as using the stomach remains healthy.

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19. Beneficial in stomach disorders

Milk juice mixed with juice of syrup or giloy and after taking it, all the diseases related to stomach get cured. Along with this, you grind the Giloya and Asparagus with a glass of water and cook it. When the decoction becomes half, then drink this decoction in the morning and evening.

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Part used

  • Leaves
  • Bark
  • Stem
  • Roots

Side effects of Giloy

If you are taking medicine for diabetes, do not eat giloy without consulting your doctor. Giloy can also cause problems of constipation and low blood glucose. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their doctor for its use. Giloy is safe for children of five years and above. However, Giloy’s diet should not be given more than two or without the advice of the doctor.

Many products such as Amrutadi guggul, Giloy Vati, Amritaraksh, Giloy Satva, made from Patanjali and other companies of Giloy are available in market which are used with many medicines or alone. They can be consumed by the doctor’s opinion.

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