Dandasana (Staff Pose) steps and benefits


For an attractive personality, not only beautiful body matters but also a healthy body. With the help of yoga, both of these things can be found. Yoga not only makes our body healthy but also makes us physically and mentally strong. If yoga is discussed, then Dandasana is the one of the posture which strengthens the body.

It is extremely beneficial for the boys who want to make a wide and strong chest. The specialty of this asana is that with the help of this asana, benefits begin to appear in less time.

Yoga is to be done by sitting in Dandasana. This seat is also known as Staff Pose. Regular exercise of this posture strengthens the arm leg muscles. This is a great sum to cure the seating posture.

Dandasana is derived from Sanskrit. It is composed of two words. Danda, which means the rod, while asana means the posture. Dandasana posture improves digestive system, pain of the body is removed, feet muscles are active, and laziness and fatigue are removed from the body.

Steps to do Dandasana (Staff Pose)

Dandasana Staff yoga Pose Steps

  • Sit straight on the ground and straighten the legs. Turn the fingers inside the feet and try to knock and turn the palm out on the outside.
  • The back should be straightforward.
  • Hold hands on the ground, keep them straight. The palms should be next to the hips and keep the fingers in front.
  • Try to prolong the spine and straighten by pressing the ground with light hands.
  • Tilt the head down and focus the vision on your nose. Do not put force on the shoulders.
  • In total, take five breaths in and breathe out so that you can stay in the asana for 30 to 60 seconds. Gradually, as strength and flexibility increases in your body, you can increase the time – do not exceed 90 seconds.
  • After breathing 5 times you can come out of this posture. To get out of the asana, lift your hands and head while breathing, and then relax the legs too.
Dandasana Benefits

1. Improve posture of your body.

2. All parts of the body are strong.

3. Make the shoulder and chest wide.

4. Creates awareness in the body.

5. Problems related to the spinal cord are removed.

6. Helps in improving body alignment.

7. The back muscles are strengthened.

8. Improves the functioning of digestive organs.

9. Make the spinal cord stronger and flexible.

10. Helps in fixing the body injury.

11. Helps in straining brain cells.

12. Regular exercise of this posture strengthens the arm leg muscles.

13. It also helps to relieve complications related to reproductive organs.

Precautions to be carried out in Dandasana: –

1. Always do the practice of Dandasana Yoga with an empty stomach.

2. Do not practice this asana if you are suffering from hypertension.

3. One thing is that before doing this posture, your back, wrist or other limb is not suffering from an injury.

4. While practicing this asana, take care of one thing that the place you are sitting in is not sliding on the place.

5. If you are the beginning of Yoga, then it is recommended that you do this Yoga under the supervision of a well-trained yoga teacher.

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