Bhramari Pranayama (Humming Bee Breathing) steps and benefits

bhramari Pranayama

Generally, staying in tension is not a big issue, but if it persists for a long time, then it can cause a problem. There is no effective way to get rid of depression and stress, then it is yoga. In any case, doing most of the yoga exercises gives liberation from stress. But doing the breathing pranayama is most quick beneficial.

Doing this reduces stress. Those people who do not sleep at night because of stress, or feel tired, those people get benefit from doing regular Bhramari Pranayama. Here it is also beneficial for the children of the school, by doing this, the intellect also increases.

Bhramar means bee. While doing this Pranayama, the person does the humping like a bee, so it is called Bhramari Pranayama. The Bhramari comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Bhramar’, which means Indian black bee. This Pranayama is also known in English as Bee-Breathing Technique. In this Pranayama, fingers, and ears have to be stopped by using fingers.

Bhramari Pranayama is the best pranayama to calm the mind and remove anger. This pranayama is very useful for removing frustration of the mind. This pranayama is quite simple and it can be done anytime anywhere in the day. The Bhramari Pranayama is the perfect solution to eradicate the mood of the mind.


How to do Bhramari pranayama

1- First put a mat on a clean and flat place and sit on it in the state of Padmasana or Sudhasana.

2- Now lift your hands and take parallel to the shoulders.

3- Now bend your two hands to the elbows and bring them to your ears.

4- Then close your both ears with your two hands’ thumbs.

5- Now the forearm finger of both hands should be placed on the forehead and the middle finger, ring finger and Kanisha finger above the eyes.

6- Now keep your mouth closed and breathe in normal speed through your nose. Then, breathe out through the nose just like a bee-like voice.

7- “Speaking” should be pronounced “out of breath”.

8- In the beginning, do pranayama for 5-7 minutes and extend time with practice.

Benefits of Bhramari Pranayama

By doing Bhramari pranayama, it helps the sinus patient.The practice of this pranayama makes the mind calm. And mental stress goes away. It is beneficial to the person suffering from high blood pressure.

With the help of Bhramari Pranayama, it helps in awakening Kundalini Power.And by doing this pranayama, migraine patients also benefit.

When pregnant women do it, the baby is born easily at the time of delivery. And this pranayama helps in improving the endocrine system of pregnant women. (Still, pregnant women should do it after the doctor’s advice).

Continual practice of it makes thinking positive and develops the memory of a person.And this pranayama also develops wisdom.

To overcome fear, insomnia, anxiety, anger, and other types of mental disorders, it is highly beneficial.

Breathless pranayama helps in brain nerves to relax.And eradicate all kinds of blood defects.

If the person suffering from the thyroid problem, then if he churns his chin with the throat (Jalandhar Bandh) and then practices the Bhramari Pranayama, then he is benefited very quickly.

By practicing it for a long time, the person’s voice becomes a sweat clear voice.That’s why this is a great pranayama practice for people in the singing area.


Precautions to be carried out in Dandasana: –

When there is pain or infection in the ear, it should not do pranayama.

Do not try to do more than your capacity.

Gradually increase the time and cycle of doing pranayama.

While doing Bhramari Pranayam, you should seek advice from your doctor or yoga expert on preventing pranayama due to dizziness, nausea, coughing, headache or any other problem.