How to stop diarrhea – Best home remedies and ayurvedic medicines

home remedies for diarrhea

Measures to prevent diarrhea in summer: – If you are struggling with diarrhea, then this article is for you. Ayurveda has many types of acupuncture and medicinal treatment which prove to be miraculous in preventing diarrhea, like continuous diarrhea or thin water. Children, old men and young people can be treated equally in all. Therefore, in this article, we have given information about the methods for diarrhea, remedies for diarrhea, or the method of preparation of treatment and all other diarrhea.

1- If children have diarrhea then adopt this child’s diarrhea in the home yoga

Diarrhea in children during summer may be considered a common problem. Most children begin to develop diarrhea by eating sunny, heat and odd food.
For the construction of this yoga, take 5 grams of root of peacock (Morashikha, Morashendi) and 5 grams of black pepper. Mix these two with water and mix in about 20 grams of water and sieve it with strainer. Take this small water to the child. If diarrhea is normal then at the time of morning and if diarrhea is more, then it can be consumed 3 to 4 times a day.

Children’s diarrhea stops soon after using this treatment. Along with diarrhea, it provides benefits in all diseases of fever and clitoris.

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Peacock crest is more in the temperate regions of India. So if you do not get it then you can adopt the following home remedies in children’s diarrhea.

To prevent children’s diarrhea, adopt these home remedies

1. If the child is a bit bigger, then using the Keralite kernel of Jamun(जामुन की गुठली) gives good benefits. First, take out the kernels of jamun and grind it and make a fine powder. Use this powder to cool the baby with the water. The stools will stop.

2. Break the mango karnal(आम की गुठली) and drain it. Grind this kernel as a kernel of Jamun and make the powder. The intake of this powder also stops diarrhea.

3. The problem of diarrhea is also common in children drinking milk. This is due to the digestion of mother’s milk. Therefore, in this condition, mother should take this prescription. Put the battering(तालमखाने) in 250 grams milk and boil it and mix the sugar candy in it and give it to the mother to drink.

2. For torsion and cramping with diarrhea

This treatment can be used for diarrhea and convulsions of the stomach. The following things are required for the manufacture of this treatment.

1. सोंठ – Acne
2. लोध्र – Laddr
3. इंद्रा जौ – Indra Jaw
4. बेलपत्र के फल की गिरी – Bell leaf fruit fall
5. सेमल का गौंद (मोचरस) – Semel’s Gound
6. आम की गुठली की गिरी – Mango kernels
7. छुहारे – Museum
8. कालीमिर्च – Black pepper

Take all of them in 10 – 10 grams of quantity – make crude powder. Finally, in this powder, sprinkle a little cold water and made pills, make half of its grams of pills and dry it.

If the disease is normal, then two-two pills should be consumed in the evening with cold water or buttermilk, and if severe diarrhea is reported, consuming 3 to 4 times a day will stop diarrhea soon.

Do these home-based tips to treat diarrhea

1. If you have Raisins(मुन्नका) available at home then grind them with seeds and after dissolving in water, drinking it twice in morning and evening stops diarrhea.

2. Amla is also very fussy about the problem of diarrhea and digestion. Grind dry Amla in a little water and grind it. When it becomes like a pulp. Now add a little salt to this pulp – make small pills with this pulp and dry it in the sun. Constant daily morning – two in the evening, it also provides relief in all types of stomach diseases along with diarrhea.

3. It is also beneficial to use amla squash in diarrhea.

4. Take a dry Belptr. Make this powder and take it with cold water in the evening and morning, it provides miraculous benefits in the problem of diarrhea.

5. By eating onions in curd, it benefits from diarrhea.

6. If the diarrhea is due to heat, then squeeze a lemon into a glass of milk and drink it quickly. The diarrhea will stop immediately from effect.

7. If diarrhea has been prolonged, then there is no need to panic. First, take home-made buttermilk. In this buttermilk mix a little bit of salt, baked cumin and ghee soaked in the Hing and take it at least four times in the day. This home use also stops old-time diarrhea.

8. Due to diarrhea or gas, it is better to consume cumin and mixing it with cold curd.

9. Mix cumin seeds and sugar in curd and take it, it provides relief.

10. Laudanum(अफीम) is dangerous for health, but if it is taken in a small quantity in diarrhea, diarrhea stops immediately.

Do not eat these diets in the problem of diarrhea

1. Fiber

2. Stop the use of pepper spicy and aromatic food.

3. Avoid fried foods.

4. A diet with ghee, oil or butter should not be eaten.

5. The consumption of acidic substances should also be stopped because they consume acids in the stomach with their intake.

6. Eating stale food should also be stopped.

7. The water should be boiled and consumed.

Keep these things remember in diarrhea

1. Give the patient more fluid diet first.

2. Make a solution of salt and sugar or water solution with ORS so that there is no shortage of salts and water in the body.

3. Due to raising rice and pulses, the patient gets relief.

4. When the disease begins to heal, the patient should eat slim and soft vegetables. Initially, heavy food should not be consumed.

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