Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali will land now in Solar sector in Noida UP

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Patanjali, the company of Baba Ramdev, started making Ayurvedic products. Patanjali has achieved tremendous success in the construction of Ayurvedic medicines. And after that Patanjali started to emphasize on making domestic products. Today Patanjali has become a successful company of India. And its products are highly appreciated. Today the company is bringing many products in the category of Ayurvedic products. And now the news is that Patanjali is soon going to make solar power equipment. Patanjali will soon be taking steps to create a solar energy plant.

Patanjali has set up a plant in Greater Noida for this work (patanjali product solar energy). On which company is investing around Rs 100 crores The plant is expected to be inaugurated next month. So far, 50 to 50 crores of rupees have been invested on this plant. It is being said that in order to make solar energy equipment, the company will buy the necessary goods from other companies at the moment. But soon the company will make the equipment used to make solar energy equipment. Patanjali’s plan is to make these solar power equipment in their own companies. But later they will also be made available for sale in the market.

Let us tell you that the importance of the use of patanjali product solar energy in India is increasing. And people are also becoming aware about this. Recently the government has considered bringing such a plan. In which panels will be installed to generate solar energy on the roof of the house. The people will be rented for this work from their roof. Instead, every month the landlord will be given a fixed amount as a rental.