Baba Ramdev Makrasana Yoga Steps & Benefits


Back pain, cervical and other related problems have become common things nowadays. Yoga is a better remedy for medicines to overcome common pain. “Magar” is a Sanskrit word that means crocodile. In this posture, the body appears to be floating in the water like a crocodile. That’s why this yoga is named as Makrasana. In this asana, lie down on the stomach and hang the whole body on the heels of the feet and hands. If this yoga is done in the right way, then it has many benefits. This posture emphasizes the whole body, which makes the whole body exercise. It removes the pain of our spine and back muscles. It is also beneficial for people with high blood pressure.

Steps to do Makarasana (Crocodile Pose)

  • Make this seat by wearing a mat on a clean and uniform place. </ li>
  • Lie down on the stomach.</ li>
  • Begin to raise the neck and turn both hands into the right wing and make the elbows stand upright. </ li>
  • Support chin with palms.</ li>
  • Straining your neck, so let your elbow spread. There were less pressure on the neck and waist. </ li>
  • The direction of the thumb of both sides is to keep each other’s direction opposite to each other and to the other side of the ankle.</ li>
  • Now keep the whole body relaxed and breathe slowly and breathe slowly.</ li>
  • Makrasana can do in other ways also, but the most useful and simple method is described here.</ li>
Benefits of Makrasana

For the spinal cord: It is the best yoga practice for the spinal cord. Keeping the entire spinal cord healthy.

Waist Pain: This is the best yoga for waist pain. With its regular practice you can always get rid of waist pains forever.

For Depression: With the practice of this asana you can overcome depression to a great extent.

To overcome fatigue: It is very beneficial in removing the exhaustion.

In asthma: By its practice you can increase your lung capacity as well as asthma.

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Indigestion: It helps in removing indigestion and keeps digestion system properly.

In Vata Disease: This is a good yoga practice for vata patients.

Mental illness: This is a great yoga practice for mental patients.

Assistant in the shoulder stiffness: This can reduce your shoulder stiffness.

Hypertension: It is beneficial in hypertension.

Slip Disc: A great yoga practice for patients with slip discs.

For sleeping: By doing this yoga correctly, you can get away from sleeping problems.

Blood transfusion: Increases blood circulation in the body.

Knees: It’s beneficial for knees.

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