Baba Ramdev Hastapadasana – Uttanasana yoga

What is Hastapadasana(Uttanasana)?

Hastapadasana Yoga
Hastapadasana is a yoga. Which is made up of three words: hand + post + asana means all three hands = hands, post = legs, asana = money. By doing this, there are many benefits. This is called English Forward Bend Pose. One of many yoga exercises is the handshake seat. This yoga posture gives you many benefits. In addition to the stains of skin scars, it also eliminates the dark circles falling under the eyes. Come know its benefits and how to do it.

Method of doing Hathandasadasan Yoga: –

  • Stand up straight while keeping feet together and keep hands with the body.
  • Keep your body weight evenly on both legs.
  • Take a breath and move hands over the head.
  • Breathe, move towards the feet bending forward and downwards.
  • Stay in this condition for 20-30 seconds and take deep breaths.
  • Keep your feet and spinal cord straight, keep your hands on the ground next to the toes of the foot or even on the feet.
  • Lean your chest towards the knees, raise the buttocks and tailbone (the last edge of the spinal cord) as much as possible), press the anterior side down, relax the head in this condition and relax.Take the head towards the toes and take deep breaths.
  • Taking your breath in front and up, raise your hands forward and slowly and slowly stand up.
  • Bring your hands to your body while breathing.

Benefits of the Uttanasana (Hastapadasana)

1. Lower the stomach’s fat: – This posture helps us to reduce stomach fat. The fat of the stomach Or fat of other parts of the body is a particularly harmful form of fat that is stored in your organs.

2. By doing this posture, blood pressure is the most important part of the human body. Blood is carried out to deliver nutrition, electrolytes, hormones, heat, and oxygen throughout your body. Blood is also used to keep the various parts of your body healthy and provide immunity system i.e. disease-resistant capacity. But you know it is very important to have control of your blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, blood type and cholesterol for the right circulation of the blood.

3. Creates a pull in all the muscles found in the body part of the body. Increasing blood flow to the nervous system makes it enlightening.

4. The spinal cord strengthens Activates the abdominal organs.

Note: Those people who have a problem in the lower part of the back, are suffering from spondylitis, cervical pain or any type of back or spinal cord, do not do this posture.

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