Baba Ramdev Bhujangasana(Cobra Pose) Yoga steps and benefits


The word “Bhujang” is derived from the Sanskrit language. Bhujang means snake, hence Bhujang-Asana is also called “Sarp Asana”. Bhujangasana is called Cobra Pose in English. Among the famous yoga, Bhujangasana has its name. It is very easy helpful for patients who have back pain. Bhujangasana comes in the seventh order in Suryanamaskar, which is called full exercise. By doing this beneficial posture per day, it provides strength to the shoulders, arms, wheels, back, kidneys, and liver, and many diseases get rid of it.

It makes the muscles of the chest and waist flexible and removes any tension in the waist. Surely, Bhujangasana will prove very beneficial for those related to the spinal cord. In women, it helps in controlling blood vessels in the uterus. A patient related to kidney or any problem related to the stomach, this easy posture is a solution to all the problems.

How To Do Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

First of all select a clean and clean airy place for the Bhujangasana. After that lay down on the mat and lie down on the stomach.

Then spread both the legs long and well. And put chin on the ground. Keep both hands on the ground, keeping both the elbows tied with ribs on both sides. (Note- Remember that your hands should be straight and both the elbows should be straight and twisted in the sky).

While keeping Bhujangasana, take special care of the fact that both the hands should have the claws, always under the shoulders (on the ground).

Now place your head on the floor. And then by closing your eyes, slowly raise the chin, then lift the neck towards the sky. Then lift your chest up slowly. And then lift your stomach portion slowly.

Now forward, move the neck back upwards to back. Put emphasis on the body for upstairs, as little force as possible on your hands. Keep in mind that putting the front part of both legs on the ground and try to lift the front part of the body at normal speed.

After arriving in this posture, open both your eyes and keep the respiratory motion normal (breathing in normal speed and leave it out). And for the first time, keep this asana currency from twenty seconds to thirty seconds. Then start moving the raised body to downwards.

After starting the posture with the stomach, initially, after returning to that posture, criticize your head on both hands or put your head on the ground, rest for as long as you have done the Bhujang posture. .

After taking Bhujangasana, you should erase the fatigue of the breath.

Bhujangasana Benefits
  • It is a beneficial posture for backache.
  • This posture is beneficial in throat diseases.
  • The chest is wide by this posture, so this seat is very beneficial for the boys.
  • Regular practice of Bhujangasana remove problems related to the waist like pain in the waist. Actually, it makes the waist more active and energized.
  • Bhujangasana activates the pancreas, which leads to the formation of true amounts of insulin, therefore people with diabetes should do this posture.
  • It provides benefits in monthly related problems such as irregular periods, stomach ache, back pain etc.
  • The people who have their belly forward and forth, benefit from doing this posture, this reduces the stomach fat.
  • Those people who have a very stressful environment in the workplace, by practicing this posture, get relief from stress and the mind remains calm.
  • Doing this posture does not accelerate fatigue.
  • This posture helps in making the abdominal parts work smoothly.

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